Read the fucking footnotes. There’s like pages worth of footnotes. You can’t skip them. If you’re putting in the effort to read Infinite Jest then. David Foster Wallace, the reigning champion of footnotes, decided to use endnotes for Infinite Jest for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. Wallace began writing Infinite Jest in earnest in Much of it is single- spaced, and what footnotes existed at this stage appear at the.

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More than a trick, footnotes can be technique. Because of the imposition of apartheid laws in S.

Footnotes as a Second Voice | david foster wallace

Hence he has set out to eliminate the middleman: December 27, by Tori Telfer. But even in these cases the notes serve something more important than space. When the headless are blaming a reference to “If,” the poem by Rudyard Kipling: Incandenza himself died when he killed himself by putting his head in a microwave footnites. Boring parts, digressions, stuff they find offensive, et cetera.

The space the endnotes inhabit is one of false-escape, and for me, they actually point back to the text in an encouraging way—that the comfortably double-spaced, wide-margined text is smooth-sailing compared to what Wallace is capable of inflicting on you. Moore cataloged the infinife Wallace made from that initial version to the final, published copy.

Here are 15 brief facts about Wallace’s sprawling work which produces about 15 fascinating moments a sentence. Previous Article LitHub Daily: He claimed, variously, to have caught 47, andtypos.


This voice was even more poignant in the footnotes. If you skip that part, then you’re really missing out on what makes him so much fun to read for many people.

It has been categorized as an encyclopedic novel [2] and made Time magazine’s list of the best English-language novels published between and It was on the occasion of Ernie’s eightieth birthday and in honor of the occasion he married a twenty-year-old girl. All matters regarding the publication were addressed in letters or in rare instances over the phone. Throughout there are notes in the margins, reminders to fix something or other, adjustments to chronology which seems to have given Wallace quite a bit of troubleeven infinitf few drawings and doodles.

Some critics have since qualified their initial stances. Thoughts, discussion questions, epiphanies and interesting links about authors and footnotrs work. I feel that the footnotes are giving us the impression, of course, that we are in constructed space, and not to forget that.

Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann was a German mathematician.

On the Fine Art of the Footnote | Literary Hub

Instead, Wallace said he wanted a specific photograph of Fritz Lang directing the cast of Metropolis to be used as Infinite Jest ‘s cover perhaps this is the photo he alluded to. The other banality would be: Nutter Butters Nabisco’s peanut-butter ifinite cookies.

In other projects Wikiquote. If an author does footnotes at all and if their agent and editor don’t talk them out of itthen it’s a safe bet that they’re an integral part of the experience. He wore it not footntoes a fashion statement, but because he was prone to anxiety attacks and intensely self-conscious about how much he sweated.


Footnotes as a Second Voice

Heliotrope An knfinite of mirrors for reflecting sunlight from a distant point to an observation station. Infinite Jest was published in Februaryand by March it was already in its sixth printing. Swinburne Algernon Charles Swinburne was a British poet whose work had themes of homosexuality and sadomasochism.

For me, this makes it more clear. Anschluss German for “annexation,” it most often refers to Nazi Germany’s annexation of Austria in Rubensian The word more often used is “Rubenesque,” but this refers to the women in paintings by Peter Paul Rubensthe Flemish artist. The Quebecois separatists seek a master, redistributable copy of the work to aid in acts of terrorism against the United States.

Recall that John N. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The last tournament he won was the and-under doubles at the Central Illinois Open in The distinction may seem facile, but endnotes leave the text clean and present the reader with a different kind of choice as well as a very distinctive reading experience.