Al Hisnul Hasin is a compilation of the simplification of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) written by the well known Scholars of Hadith, Allamma ibn Al-Jazri (RA). Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Al-Hisn Al-Haseen: Complete Translation & Commentary By Muhammad Al-Jazri Translation & Commentary By Mufti Muhammad Aashiq Elahi English.

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Surely, You have power over all things. O Allah, Gatherer of mankind on the day wherein there is no doubt! O Allah, be our companion during our journey and be a guardian to our family. There is no deity except Allah.

Do snglish it to us! As a result all of them converge in the first heavens, casting upon the Zaakireen a covering of rahmah by means of their wings. And if they fail there is none who can sustain them thereafter.

It The Multazam ie. Dua for the Treatment of a Wound, Boil etc.

Full text of “Al Hisnul E Hasin – English”

Allah will surely accept it as is ihsnul stood from the Hadeeth. Painful Eye Readers of Al-Hisnui Hasin should also feel satisfied that all the Ahadeeth mentioned in this kitaab are authentic. Instead, a strong bond of love and affection will result. So forgive our sins and save us from the punish- ment of The Fire. When Closing Business for the Day Safety against Disaster when Rain is Imminent We praise Him and seek His help and forgiveness We seek His protection against the mischief of our souls and the evil effects of our bad deeds.


Surely ; we are to return to our Lord. When I compiled It ie.

The frequent reciter of this Beautiful Name of Allah hjsnul soon resort to sincere repen- tance. Dua when the Sun Rises and all that pertains to Ishraaq rnglish Anyone desiring spiritual and material self-sufficiency should repeat this Name of Allah excessively. AHah has heard the servant who has praised Him. Who is there that can intercede in His presence except by His permission? It is mentioned in the Hadeeth that Rasoolullah Sallallaahu- alayhi-wasallam used to recite in Witr the aforementioned three Surahs.

Chapters list

If a particular venture is to be undertaken and one is uncertain as regards its feasibility then this Name of Allah should be said excessively before going to bed: You have created me and! AH good is in Your bands and evil is not associated with You. And together with everyone’s Ameen the Masjid used to echo. With Your help do we spend the morning and with Your help do we spend the evening and with Your help do we ebglish and with Your help do we die and to You is the final return.


According to the Hadeeth whoever recites the last two verses of Suratul-Baqarah in the night Allah will protect him against all calamities.

Honour and respect will be attained if this Beautiful Name of Allah is recited excessively. When Witnessing Something that is Not Pleasing When Financial Assistance is Extended You are my patron in the world and hereafter. In beseeching Allah for anything, the following rules should be observed by a Muslim: If this is done on a daily basis, Allah will grant self-sufficiency and inde- pendence.

AH praises are due to Allah who gives life to the dead. This Beautiful Name of Allah is very effective in removing hard-heartedness and unmindfulness if recited times after every Salaah.

Salawaat Durood should be recited 11 times before and after. I have turned my attention so- lely towards You.

A poverty-stricken person should either say this Attribute of Allah excessively or write it and keep it on him or say it 40 times in the last Sajdah of Salaatud-Doha Chashst: Anyone desiring male children should recite this Beautiful Name of Allah 40 times hwsin.