Testamento Profetico de Benjamin Solari Parravicin: Benjamin Solari Parravicini: Books – Testamento Profetico de Benjamin Solari Parravicin (Horus) by Benjamin Solari Parravicini at – ISBN – ISBN More by Benjamin Solari Parravicini. Dibujos Profeticos/ Prophetic Drawings: Benjamin Solari Parravicini (Horus). Benjamin Solari Parravicini. El Testamento.

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Benjamin Solari Parravicini (Author of Testamento Profetico de Benjamin Solari Parravicin)

One night, inwhile he was writing tales and poems in his room, as he was used to do, he saw with extreme surprise how a heavy bronze lamp lifted in the air and hit the wall.

The peofetico millennium is about pgofetico arrive – he wrote in – with it, the reborn of the True that was. He produced more than psychographies composed of one pagravicini accompanied by a short message as an explanation, and most of them stood out because parrxvicini their high accuracy, prophecies which cover absolutely the whole fields of the human activity: In one of his draws he showed to Mussolini dead, hanging, head down, just as it was seen at Milan streets in next to his lover Clareta Petacci.

The blond hair man talked to him with a guttural voice and in an incomprehensible language although his manners were friendly. It was the decided, brave, bold, as well as peaceful recognition to the existence, testamemto the little personalities and human capabilities, of conscious intelligences, alive, organized and which can leave out in fact, in their existence level, the somatic body that characterizes us in our dimension of human relations.

Deep catholic, at first he did not play these messages down and he even burned many of them. Incredibly this reality had already been prophesized in by an Argentinean peofetico artist in his premonitory drawings. Message which continuity and main idea, throughout the decades show, with no doubts, that we are witnesses of an activity planed by expressions of life provided with mind qualities, synthesis capabilities, and above all, with a determined willpower.

They decided to report the fact to the police which could not do anything.

In one opportunity he was asked about the way he received the messages and he replayed that he heard a voice whispering him in his solxri and revealing events that occurred many years later. His most active period was between andthis faculty stayed with him for life.

Foreign policy 14 U. He anticipated in great detail the appearance of the atomic bomb many years before it was used. The large house had, in the ground floor, twenty wide windows protected by colonial style grilles, and in the nights, noises were felt as if someone beat them with a stick.


After the visit of a powerful heavenly entity, who with he held a deep and mystic contact, he had to take the decision.

Benjamin Solari Parravicini

Although it seems strange, the family assumed these events as something funny that even caused friends meetings which that to be witnesses of the situation, which extended for 27 years, between and BSP swore that during the all flight he was in a sort of faintness, but perceiving the lands of Japan, France, and afterwards Chile.

When he recovered from his particular trance he was right in the same place where he had meet the blond hair man”. Immediately after that, one after the other, tens of stones hit the outer walls, some of tem blowing in through the windows.

We have to bear in mind that the draw was made induring the full apogee of the Italian leader, and nine years before his death.

Politic events, social, cultural, spiritual, metaphysic, scientific, technological, and which were advanced by this notable clairvoyant, unfairly forgotten in his own country, and scarcely known in the rest of the world. Such governing idea takes shape insistently throughout the whole draws collection. He felt a strong sensation in his hand and a nenjamin necessity to take a pencil and to start to draw strange messages on the paper.

Then they will be. The primitive attitudes, the offences, the violence and the disdain for the fellow beings life with non stop increases, as well as the aggression and the imposition by force in the collective relationships in ways more and more uncontrollable, proves that hestamento humanity has lost its bearings and it needs to find again the moral life sources.

That she was separating from the life, profetco she saw beautiful images, and that “the seaweeds involved his hands like dead jewels”. Thus, under the surprise of his family and friends, he began to accumulate a series of draws containing prophecies about the world future, and particularly about Argentina. According to trustworthy sources even the well known Antonio Rivera, Spaniard researcher, referred to the subject in his books had been abducted, carried inside a spacecraft, in heart of Buenos Aires benjammin center, quite near the Buenos Aires Obelisk.

: Benjamin Solari Parravicini: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

They will dwell in the ices until the hour of the hour. So, we have here a truly exceptional reality: He will bring them back in the ! The artist perceived only watching of the craft insides before profetido suffer a sort of faint. It is in mission!

As this went on night after night without the stones to hit no one in the house they ended up accustomed. Newer Post Older Post Home. Who has eyes, see Perhaps it will be then open a new panorama, and a new life full of sense. From the human mistakes, documented in several guesses and foresights, as well in the individual aspect, as in what refers to the nations destination, up to the final consequences signed by the collective madness, the invisible but wise mentors which stamped their anguish cry in the presence of the human misconduct, they want now give us their alert voice perceiving what seems to be an unavoidable sign in the collective order, but where the individual can find the salvation by means of a behavior full of love and virtues.


I will choose simply the objective quality, documented in graphisms some of them are more than half a century old, which are in my hands about certain integrated willing which were determined to transmit to us by means of an exceptional artist sensitivity, an extraordinary and unique message, aimed to a certain extent to every one of us. One of them, politely, questioned him in a language also incomprehensible, but BSP thought to have understood to the man, or, unless caught his ideas, by telepathic communication.

The mansion was a seven hectares piece of land in the Olivos area North of Grand Buenos Aires on the riverside and separated from the adjacent lands by wide grove surrounded gaps. Benjamin’s family lived in a colonial large house that his mother had inherited in At the very beginning, the family frightened because of the situation, especially for not finding the origin of the blowing stones and because the numerous dogs of the house remained indifferent in the presence of the noises.

Since, despites the presumed progresses verified principally in the field of the technical fulfillments, parrabicini are in a condition of spiritual orphanage. His hands, without any apparent control from him, drew and wrote things that with the passing of the years would have an unknown sense for him: Although many of his prophecies are of politic order Because of room reasons we have omitted many other prophecies of natural order as catastrophes, earthquakes, seaquakes, polar caps thawing, volcano eruptions, change of the earth rotation axis, floods, etc.

It is necessary to make clear that in that year the towers have profrtico been built. From that moment he could no longer stop.